Breaking the Habit…. Or Getting into It?

I’m going to start writing my thoughts out more. That’s it. End of thought. Thank you for reading the post.


I would like to contribute more to this blog and treat it like a repository that it was originally intended to be. I’ve been thinking more about Baby Leandra and wondering if I’m an example of a cool adult that she would look up to.

I went on my parent’s computer over the weekend and found an essay that I wrote six years ago. It was bad. Like stream of consciousness bad. Like stream of consciousness while being sleep-deprived bad. Like stream of consciousness while drinking 2 cans of pineapple flavored energy drinks while being sleep-deprived bad. Yeah, it was… a lot.

But I enjoyed writing the essay at the time. As I look back, I can appreciate the effort that went into it. As much as I’ve learned over the years and refined my skills, I’d like to take a dip into stream of consciousness Leandra. While the ramblings were all over the place, she felt free enough to write what she felt without the desire to over correct or consider the audience until her own voice was muted.

I don’t want to go back to the sleep-deprived ramblings, but I do want to go back to simply exploring for exploration’s sake. Recently I wrote about a TV show that I liked and a work session about burnout. I enjoyed writing those. I’d like to write at least one post a day about things that I enjoy!

While I was in college, life felt slow. It felt like I could savor every last honeyed drop of happiness from the everlasting fountain of dopamine. Then 2020 came. Yes, there were so, so many terrible things that happened, my cup still managed to overflow with joy in certain precious moments. I want to write more about those moments. Those experiences that seemed to last forever in the moment passed by so suddenly; I wish I would’ve taken time to thoroughly grasp each emotion, hug it tight, and gently release it while giving thanks.

In writing my thoughts out more prolifically, I’m hoping that I get the chance to say thanks…fr th mmrs… to myself.

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