Leandra Colley

One of my social media taglines is, “I do it all,” and it’s true! With my passion for exploring curiosities, natural intrinsic motivation, and creative insight, nothing can stop me from learning new skills and topics. From working with programming languages such as Python and SQL, actually working in Microsoft Excel (yes, I know to make pivot tables and perform vlookups!), volunteering in various causes, and mentoring fellow students, I think I’ve proven to myself and others how much I adore taking on new challenges.

For four years, Agnes Scott College tousled me through a flurry of papers, projects, and amazing moments of self-realization. This site will act as evidence and documentation of my successes, failures, and overall growth through it all. In my art, presentations, analyses, and reflections, I hope to leave you with an understanding of where I started, how far I’ve come, and how much further I will go because of the wisdom, knowledge, and resources provided to me in my undergraduate years of college.   

Thank you for allowing me to take you along for the ride.

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From research, working, volunteering and so much more, my learning experiences are a series of goals and challenges to actively develop myself into a quick-thinking, creative individual.

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My skills and specialties include writing, research, and Getting Things Done with a smile. My big dreams are nothing without the professional and academic experiences that have equipped me to think critically.

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